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Gita is the divine gospel given by Krishna to Arjun when the latter is unable to follow his dharma in fighting against his own kith and kin. Though delivered more than 5000 years ago, the teachings of Gita are still relevant today.

We come across countless situations in our daily lives when we hesitate in taking a decision, become afraid of a certain outcome, or get overwhelmed with the chain of events unfolding before us. It is here that Gita comes to our rescue.

Navigating through tenets of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga, Gita teaches us to disocover our true self, means of liberating ourselves from our sub-conscious trappings and choosing actions that help us lead a purposeful life.

We have translated Gita from Sanskrit to simple Hindi poetic form so that the divine message of Gita is easily understood by one and all.

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Karma Yoga urges us to perform righteous deeds aligned to our natural instinct, liberate ourselves from desires and attachment towards the result so that our future actions are aligned to our dharma.

Bhakti Yoga sensitizes us to the manifestation of the Divine in all things, experiences and phenomenon observed by us in freeing ourselves from judgement, contempt and disdain for others.

Gyan Yoga offers us the wisdom to distinguish between actions, thoughts, choices and drivers that are motivated by righteousness, pleasures or indulgence.

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