Om Tat Sat

Gyan Yog

“Om-Tat-Sat” is the infallible framework for assessing all out thoughts, deeds and outcomes powered with the divine tenets of Om, Tat and Sat, as follows: Om – Om is the initiation of everything that is destined to succeed. It invoked energies and vibes, seen and unseen. In the world, there area several forces working for ….  Read More

What is Dharma

KarmKarm YogDharmaInner-Self

Dharma is one of the most misunderstood concepts in contemporary times, especially when equated to Religion – possibly the closest interpretation in English. In contemporary times, where there is so much of conflict and battle of supremacy over religion, Gita offers an excellent baseline to understand what is dharma and how a person can perform ….  Read More