Bhakti Yoga sensitizes us to the manifestation of the Divine in all things, experiences and phenomenon observed by us in freeing ourselves from judgement, contempt and disdain for others.

Key Concepts include:

  • Vibhuti or Divine Manifestation
  • Manosthiti or Unfulfilled vs. Purposeful living
  • Hari or Integrity of souls and Unison of Divine

Vibhuti – Whatever you may see in this world, good, evil, weak, strong, hopeful, hopeless – they are all Vibhuti or manifestations of the Divine. I am vested in each of them.

Manosthiti – A person who leads a purposeful, and fulfilled life, merges with the Divine. Those who have unfulfilled desires continue the cycle of birth and death.

Hari– One who sees me in every object, being or situation – is free from sorrow because I am the Hari or binding force across all beings, owning and guiding their action.