Gyan Yoga offers us the wisdom to distinguish between actions, thoughts, choices and drivers that are motivated by righteousness, pleasures or indulgence.

Key Concepts include:

  • Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Gun
  • Kshetragya or The Binding Soul
  • Maya or Divine Influence
  • Swabhav or Inherent Instinct of a person

Satvik Gun propels a person as a Seeker, in quest of knowledge, purpose and fulfillment, uniting the being with the Divine schema.

Rajsik Gun binds a person to Action and its Outcome. Such people are always pursuing more efforts to gain more benefits and power.

Tamsik Gun traps a person in indulgence, worldly pleasures and web of ignorance, only pursuing self interests in a perilous vicious cycle

Kshetragya – Just as one Sun powers the entire universe, so am I the Kshetragya or Divine force binding together all creation. I am the uniting force across all beings.

Maya– The Divine force resides at the core of each being, and that influences the actions of that being through its Maya or divine scheme of things.

Swabhav – A person cannot go against his Swabhav or natural and endowed instinct. A warrior like Arjun will be forced to fight the war, as that is his dharma.