Gita meanders through Karm Yog, Bhakti Yog and Gyan Yog in offering enlightenment on the purpose of life, the importance of Karma (the action), the need to control one’s sensual desires, the obligation to perform one’s rightful duty, but the need for detachment from the outcome.

In doing so, it rests significance on the power and permeability of Divine across all living and non-living beings, situations or experiences. It discriminates between actions, choices and desires arising out of inherent natural instinct, versus those driven by expectations around gainful results, versus those motivated by self indulgence.

Karm Yog lays the foundation for performing one’s action in pursing one’s dharma. Bhakti Yog seeks complete surrender to the Divine, in order to respect all beings, situations and experiences, as a blessing. Gyan Yog lays emphasis on wisdom to distinguish between righteous deed as compared to those deeds performed with vested interests.

In doing so, Gita introduces several invaluable concepts like that of Sthit Praggya person, infallability of the soul, detachment from outcome, Unfulfilled versus Purposeful living, Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Guna and finally the belief in the Supreme force residing in the core of all beings, defining and influencing their dharma – as follows.

Karma Yoga urges us to perform righteous deeds aligned to our natural instinct, liberate ourselves from desires and attachment towards the result so that our future actions are aligned to our dharma.

Key Concepts include:

  • Obligation towards Karma or Action
  • Indestructability of atman or soul
  • Liberation from Desires
  • Detachment from Outcome

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Bhakti Yoga sensitizes us to the manifestation of the Divine in all things, experiences and phenomenon observed by us in freeing ourselves from judgement, contempt and disdain for others.

Key Concepts include:

  • Divine Manifestation
  • Unfulfilled or Purposeful living
  • Integrity of souls
  • Unison of Divine

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Gyan Yoga offers us the wisdom to distinguish between actions, thoughts, choices and drivers that are motivated by righteousness, pleasures or indulgence.

Key Concepts include:

  • The Binding Soul
  • Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Gun
  • Righteous Deeds

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